In Degerfors, you’re never far away from water or incredible natural wonders. You’ll find the lakes Möckeln, Skagern, Ölen, Storbjörken and Lillbjörken here. A rich life of fishing and nature can be yours.

Restaurants, activities and Degerfors golf

Degernäs Herrgårdis a real treasure, perfectly situated next to the Möckeln lake, where you can also enjoy 18 holes of golfas well as a campsite, a nature reserve, and beautiful, winding footpaths. Steak house, is a cosy restaurant opposite the church in Degerfors, where you can enjoy fine art and great food. Hui Bin is an Asian restaurant in central Degerfors, there’s Bosnasports bar, and there are plenty of pizzerias to choose from in Degerfors.

Kulturcentrum Berget is definitely worth a visit, with its own cafe that’s loved by people of all ages. Märtas Konditorioffers a wide range of everything from biscuits to layer cakes in the town centre. In central Åtorp, next to the Letälven river, you can take a coffee and cake or even a light lunch at Cafe Kaffebönan. Expressbutiken in the Degerfors Train Station has everything you need when it comes to tickets, coffee, and a bite to eat when you’re in a hurry.

Kids’ activities

Sveafallenis a nature reserve with guided tours in the summer and at Kulturcentrum Berget, there’s a summertime stable with sheep, pigs, goats, rabbits, ducks and hens. You can meet Långhoppa the hare and many more at Lilla Svingelskogenin the Kulturcentrum Berget in Degerfors. You can play minigolf at Degernäs camping, and you can also travel on a rail trolley on the Otterbäcksbananthat goes between Degerfors and Gullspång.

Attractions in Degerfors

Here are a few tips for interesting sights to see:

  • Kulturcentrum Bergeta place for the whole familywith a cafe, shop, handicraft huts, weaver’s cabin, smithy, bakery, and museum. Party venue, conference hall, and exhibition gallery for hire. 
  • Football at Stora Valla- visit our Football Museumor practice your ball skills at Stora Vallahallen.
  • Dressin at Otterbäcksbanan -open from May to September
  • Degernäs area- golf, restaurant, and camping.
  • Kärleksparken- a stainless steel heart that you can lock your friendship or love lock onto
  • Svartå- fishing, part of the Bergslagsleden trail
  • ÅtorpNysund churchfrom 1638, the stone bridge from 1817, cosy Cafe Kaffebönan
  • Fishing- go fishing in over 70 lakes with one fishing permit
  • Hiking trails- we have 30 great nature reserves and hiking trails to choose from.

History and culture

Approximately 9500 people currently live in Degerfors. Degerfors is a mill town where the steel industry, football, and music have been important parts of the town’s life over the years.

Degerfors Musikkår is a marching band who are very active and have a high standard of musicianship, having played with the Royal Guards in Stockholm many times over the years.

Degerfors is known for its ice age potholes. TheSveafallennature reserve is a popular area with visitors, with over 200 potholes. There are signposted hiking trails for visitors to find. Certain parts are suitable for the disabled. Many of the potholes are signposted and situated next to the hiking trail. Information is also available about the hiking trails.

At Kulturcentrum Berget, you can find a lot of people making beautiful handicrafts, as well as artists, designers, and more. Kulturcentrum Bergetis made up of old workers’ houses from the 1800’s that Degerfors Ironworks built for its employees. The buildings are right next to Sveafallen, where there’s lots to do for all the family, such as shops, stables, carriage houses, an attic full of nostalgic items, handicraft artists, exhibitions and artist nights, Lilla Svingelskogen, and a lot more.

In Håkanbol, next to the trolley track, just south of Degerfors urban area, you’ll find A. Emil Löfberg’s Handelsmuseum, where you can experience what a general store would have looked like over a hundred years ago. In the summertime, you can grab a coffee and buy a good old-fashioned caramel cone while you’re there.

You can also find military history, information on population development, culture, theatre, a library, cinema, museum, and a lot more adventures in Degerfors.

Accommodation and Camping in Degerfors

Here are some of the accommodation and camping options you can find in Degerfors.