Cycling in western Värmland - Arvika

In Arvika municipality there are good opportunities for cycling both leisure, mountain biking or down hill.

Great that you want to see Arviak from the saddle!  We love cycling here in Arvika, and we hope these bike ride suggestions show it. Our municipality has a great many experiences to offer to make your bike rides unique in the best possible way.

For the leisure cyclist, we boast an exciting history and rich cultural experiences combined with areas of great natural beauty. The racing bike enthusiastwill enjoy our beautiful rolling countryside and the sparse traffic in rural areas. Mountain bike fans have a vast network of trails to discover in several areas in the municipality. We promise you’ll discover great bike rides to suit your interests and talents. Arvika warmly welcomes alla cyclists!

Leisurecykling in Arvika

The Artist's Tour, Round Lake Racken (20 km)

A bike ride around beautiful Lake Racken, which gave its name to the Racken painters. Several of the artists lived by the lake and some of their art can be seen at the Rackstad Museum in Taserud. Start or finish your ride with a visit to the museum – you will recognize some of the subjects and places on your ride around Lake Racken.

You can also fortify yourself with a cup of coffee and a pastry in the cosy, comfortable café. You’ll also pass the ”Blue Barn” in Perserud with its enjoyable summer art exhibition. Tarmac road in an area of natural beauty. The major part of the route is sparsely trafficked. The ride can be extended via Sälboda and/or Gunnarskog.

Round Mangen, Swedens prettiest country road (15 km)

he road to the east of Lake Mangen is part of “Sweden’s prettiest country road” along which author Gustav Fröding often walked between his sister in Slorud and his friends at Mangskog’s rectory. The gravel road follows the lake and the rolling country­ side, and there is a stunningly beautiful view across Lake Mangen.

And why not explore the Gylterud caves on your way to Mangskog. Should you get peckish, there’s a village shop too.

Glaskogen (18–60 KM)

xperience quiet, peaceful, unique natural scenery in Glaskogen Nature Reserve. The narrow gravel roads that meander past lakes and through woods immerse you in a total natural experience. However, the hiking trails are not suitable for cycling. The information centre in Lenungshammar has mountain bikes for hire, that are suitable for trips along gravel roads and tractor trails in the reserve.

Suggested bike rides starting out from Lenungshammar

  • Glassworks ride –18 km, easy, gravel road and tarmac.
  • Övre Gla ride – 30 km, moderately difficult, lake views almost all the way, gravel road.
  • Stora Gla ride – 60 km, moderately difficult, you pass through deep woods with small ponds and lakes and the village of Glava. Gravel and tarmac, with emphasis on gravel.
  • Tenvik ride – 55 km, relatively difficult, deep woods with lakes and ponds, cultural attractions. Mostly gravel.

Let your eyes feast on the cultural landscapes around Älgå and Glava, close to Glaskogen. The countryside is incredibly beautiful in these areas. There are many historical relics along the way and local heritage centres that are open during the summer. The road is tarmac between Arvika, Älgå and Glava.


Ingersbyn (34 km)

A shorter ride that’s just right if time is running out. We guarantee typical West Värmland countryside and we promise beautiful lakes, pic­ turesque villages, woods and a rolling landscape.

Round Glafsfjorden (77+64 km)

The region’s classic local tour. If you only have the opportunity to choose one ride, this is the right choice. Experience every kind of cycling and enjoy Värmland’s natural scenery around Sweden’s only landlocked fjord. Long, sweeping straight stretches interspersed with hillier sections. You’ll pass classic locations such as Klässbol, Stavnäs, Glava and Älgå, and we promise beautiful views the whole way around our celebrated loch.

Somethin extra - The challenge

If you turn left in Sulvik after a clockwise trip around Glafsfjorden and add the loop around Koppom, you’ll encounter the biggest challenge. The gradients crossing Finnskogen and Bodafjället together with the long distance, will take their toll. You will defi­ nitely be pleased with yourself after a feat like this.

Arvika - Eda (88 km)

A long ride with choices for everyone. Whatever direction you take, there are ways to shorten or extend the route to your liking. Even the number of gradients and thus altitude will change according to your choice. So this is an excellent ride on almost carless roads along a route you can change at will.

Mountain bike

Round Ränken (42 km)

A great family ride that’s relatively flat and technically easy to cycle, but it’s also relatively long for the novice. The first part is mainly along a railway embankment before switching to tarmac interspersed with gravel. Delight in the open land­ scape and views across beautiful lakes. Also suitable for cyklocross.

The Dottevik Ride (20 km)

A classic mountain bike ride in Arvika for cycling fans. A great basic trail for the inexpe­ rienced that can be extended for the demanding cyclist. Relatively mixed terrain with a wide trail interspersed with gravel road. The route offers both beautiful open landscapes and forest cycling.

Rocksta Downhill (700 m)

Blue Squaee difficulty. 

Just over 700 m thrilling downhill cycling awaits you on the Rackstad slalom slope, north of Arvika. This trail down the Rackstad slope is another venue in Arvika for cyclists keen to ride mountain bikes. With its 85 metre altitude drop across just over 700 m, the trail is steeper and technically more difficult than the mountain bike trail in Vik. (p 25) Here’s where to polish your jumping and turning techniques and try out other technical skills. At cer­ tain times during the year, the ski lift is running. In summer time, welcome to enjoy breathtaking action on the Arvika slalom slope with fabulous views of magnificent scenery.

Further information on Trailforks:

Göpommen / Gallbertet /Djupdal trail 20 km)

On Rackstad mountain there are three sign­ posted hiking trails where cycling is also allowed. The three different trails are suitable for the ad­ vanced trail biker who loves cycling in technical terrain, and is partial to a spot of downhill. Göpommen – which is part of the Sotar Blixt trail – is true enduro biking that has steep sections interspersed with faster parts. The Djupdal trail in­ cludes fun technical trail biking, but it should be tried during the “dry summer season”. Try taking the skidoo trail or a gravel road to the top before joining one of the hiking trails.

Mountain Bike Trail, Vik

There is a great set­up at the Vik sports area outside central Arvika with exciting technical trails for mountain bikes.

The facility in a nutshell

There’s a special trail for the very youngest cycle talents aged 3 to 6 with dips, banking and a number of small technical obstacles to negotiate.

There’s a pump track for bikers aged 5 to 6 right up to adulthood where you can learn to stay active on your bike and gain speed coming out of turns and dips without having to pedal. A thrilling roller coast­ er experience that’ll get you grinning from ear to ear.

The Flow Trail is a descent with banking and small jumps that takes around 2 glorious minutes. The trail is suitable for children and fully grown cyclists and
is ideal for people who love the thrill they get from finding their “flow” during the ride.

When tiredness sets in there’s a picnic table and barbecue area for replenishing energy levels, so why not take along a picnic box and do a couple of extra runs.

Jössefors Mountain Bike Trail

In Jössefors, about 8 km west of Arvika, there’s a short trail with jumps and banked curves and a longer, technically more difficult track in the woods to suit every mountain bike enthusiast.