Cakes as Art

Gunilla Wall is a cake artist who gets asked to be in selfies in her hometown, Kristinehamn. That’s what happens when you’ve won TV’s “The Great Bake-Off”.

Kristinehamn’s fairytale-like Sockerslottet (the Sugar Castle) is one of the town’s most beautiful buildings – if not the most beautiful. With white details, gleaming out, it reminds you a bit of a massive cake.   Gunilla Wall works and stores her artistic creations here. She sees herself very much as an artist. 

“Even though I love baking, I think of it as a necessary evil in order to be able to start decorating,” she says.

Gunilla has been working as a cake artist for over ten years.  She’s started running courses in cake decorating, put out a couple of films, and works patiently.  But it was really when she won Sweden’s “Great Bake-Off” that everything fell into place. 

“It was really amazing to win. It’s impossible to describe the feeling. Particularly as it was the first season. It was after I’d won that we opened our café at Sockerslottet.  It was the perfect place for visitors to meet me,” says Gunilla.  

Gunilla truly believes in perishable art! That the artwork disappears as it’s eaten with only pictures and photos left to remind you of what once was. 

“That’s the whole point of it. There’s nothing left of my creation. Everything is eaten up! I have always painted a lot, and those works are still around.  But I don’t keep the cakes, which is actually really nice,” laughs Gunilla.

Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to bake a birthday cake with that something extra?

“Focus on one technique or type of decoration to begin with. For example, a marzipan rose or a rosette. Something so simple as that can really add something to an otherwise ordinary cake. Go to a specialist shop and invest in good quality tools and materials. The marzipan and colouring agents you find in specialist stores are of a much higher quality.

“Even though I love baking, I think of it as a necessary evil in order to be able to start decorating.”  

“I don’t keep the cakes, which is actually really nice.”

Facts Sockerslottet

Sockerslottet on Norra Staketgatan was originally a church but after a major renovation it’s become a Mecca for sugar lovers. There’s a café, chocolate made on site, and a shop. There’s also a hotel, and business events.

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