Biking Värmland

Nu har de första Biking Värmland-lederna blivit godkända - och fler är på väg. Nu kan du cykla på kvalitetssäkrade och godkända cykelleder här i Värmland!

Biking Värmland - Quality Assured

ALL BIKING VÄRMLAND TRAILS IS ´QUALITY ASSURED.  That means the trails fulfill a long list of requirements and criteria, e.g. common trailmarking, identification of degree of difficulty, maintenance, taking account of nature- and cultural environment.

Most of these trails cross through private land, where access has been granted by the land owners. Please show the greatest respect and follow the rules. The Swedish right of public access (Allemansrätten) permits everyone to freely explore nature, but with freedom comes responsability - Do not disturbe, do not destroy! Read more at: www.allemansrä

  • Campfire are only allowed in existing fire pits. Never light a campfire if there is high wildfire risk. Campfire restriction information is available via telephone: +46 (0)54 – 15 50 66.
  • Use of the trail is strongly discouraged during the Moose hunting season.
  • These trails pass through working farms and forestry, be conciderate and respectful. 

Ride responsably

MTB riding that is sustainable, fun, exciting and environfriendly is our goal. It is of the utmost imorportance to maintain a positive relationship with landowners and others that use the trails. 

Follow these adwise:

  • Say Hello! Nod and greet by announcing yourself, slow down and giving space. 
  • Don’t litter! Pack it in, Pack it out. Leave no trace.
  • Respect that trails can be temporarily closed, e.g. hunting, weather or forestry activities.

Ride safely

  • Always wear a helmet and gloves when riding.
  • Be realistic about your level skills and fitnesslevel.
  • Choose a trail that fits your skills and abilities.
  • Familiarize yourself the trail area.
  • Adjust speed to weather and trail conditions.
  • Always bring a trail map and telephone Tip! Take a photo of the trail head.
  • Check your bike before you ride. Bring essential spares and tools.
  • For longer rides, bring extra water, food, and clothes.
  • Dress according to weather conditions.

Difficulty levels - Find the right trail for you 

The system describes technical levels according to surface, obstacles, width and steepness/grade. It is the total assessement that give the trail its level. However the presentation for each trail gives you the percentage of each level of difficulty and surface.


Lasy biking on gravel roads and wide tracks. 

BLÅ – LÄTT (Easy)

Like green but more single-track sections and smaller obstacles. 

RÖD – MEDELSVÅR (Moderate) 

More technical sections, challenging climbs and ascents than blue. 


Sustained and very technical sections with steep slopes, roots and stones.

Project financed by

Länstyrelsen (Landsbygdsprogrammet, EU:s landsbygdsfond), Region Värmland, kommunerna Torsby, Hagfors, Eda, Arvika, Sunne, Filipstad, Årjäng, Säffle, Kils, Karlstad, Kristinehamn samt Sparbanksstiftelsen ALFA, Westra Wermlands sparbank och Fryksdalens sparbank.

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