Book your Värmland

Price from 50 SEK
Gammelvala "The old world"
Gammelvala means "the old world" and for one week the time is turned back to 150 years ago.
Price 2300 SEK
Wilderness the Värmland way
A package deal for canoeing on the Jösse älv river, which has its source in the south eastern end of the Varaldssjö lake, up in the Finnskog forests of western Värmland.
Price from 250 SEK
Pirate Trip on the boeier Christine af Bro
Can you find Captain One Eye´s lost treasure? Go on a pirate trip in Lake Vänern´s archipelago together with Captain One Eye and the rest of the crew on the Christine af Bro.
Price 350 SEK p.p.
Shrimp cruise with Stella Polaris
Enjoy food, drink, Lake Vänern and sea air aboard the Stella Polaris.
Price from 200 SEK p.p.
Moose Safari
Just outside Karlstad is one of the most wildly dense areas in Värmland with a great chance to see moose, deer and many predatory birds.
Hornkullens Silvermine
Hornkullens Silvermine Guided tours in two mineshafts and a walk on the rock refuses.
Price 270 sek
Rigmor & Christina Gustafsson
Rigmor and Christina Gustafsson are doing a tour together for the sixth time.